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Vitamin Water Product Drop

The Need:

Vitamin Water is known for the great tasting and refreshing hydration beverages and in Portland, they are synonymous with being at the best parties, fashion shows, and cool events Portland throws. However, getting into the niche events or sub-pop culture can be very hit or miss.

Some events are so PDX that they aren't advertised openly or are hard to know they exist until they pass right by you. This was the case with the Urban Iditarod and Vitamin Water as it was such a huge event but no one knew anything about it until they drove by a team of oversized ballerinas making their way to the opening party.

Our Mobile Entertainment Unit known as the Joy Ride was all set up and obviously was running the show with how many people were gathered around. How did iHeart know about this? How can Vitamin Water be able to play with iHeart despite them having to go to another event? How would Vitamin Water be able to pass out hundreds of units of product in a way that is memorable and impacting? Well, they soon found out that iHeart Productions had them covered.

The Solution:

iHeart Production talked with Vitamin Water who was wondering if they could drop off some product and with the cool bus, maybe, possibly, hand out some product. Vitamin Water asked how much could be handed out and iHeart's response was as simple as "Whatever you got, we are gonna get it right into the hands of who needs and wants it.". The Joy Ride has a platform on top of the bus that has a DJ's booth and where the MC hangs out, not to mention 4 locker baskets that serve as storage but also serve as giant coolers. iHeart Productions had a simple but dynamic plan- stand up on top of the bus and make a big deal of out throwing the bottles into the crowd and watch them swarm- oh boy, did they swarm.

The Result:

Vitamin Water handed over 15 cases and 300 units or bottles (bottles) and proceeded to lug them up onto the top of the Joy Ride. From there, iHeart put all the drinks in the coolers and the MC got on the microphone and had the DJ turn down the beats. Followed by an announcement giving big ups to VItamin Water and hyping the crowd to see who wanted the drinks the most, one by one, by one, iHeart started tossing chilled drinks into the crowd. Within one hour- all the product was gone and to the shock of Vitamin Water, nearly all of the bottles were empty. Due to the constant shout outs, the platform by which we hyped up our captivated audience, and the combination of energy and music, iHeart managed to unload all the product efficiently and into the direct demographic that was thirsty for such a cool product.

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