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Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

The Northwest's largest product, services, and fashion showcase for ski and snowboarding. With over 90,000 square feet of expo space and all of the major hitters in the snow scene, this long standing 30 year production has earned the respect and continued excitement of snow adventurers topping 26,000 in attendance.

The Need:

Production management for the show were seeking for a more cutting edge and current approach to re-branding their show as new and not the same ol' same ol'. Having needs for entertainment, excitement, and wow factor, The Ski Fever and Snowboard Show turned to iHeart Productions to bring just that. Additionally, the need for client relations and sponsorship management has been an ongoing issue that bringing in a brand management firm would quickly remedy any client and or sponsorship retention issues.

The Solution:

iHeart Productions brought in the "Joy Ride", their Mobile Entertainment Unit, and created a family friendly interactive lounge. The bus was prominently displayed next to the entertainment and drew many of guests seeking a place to relax and enjoy the dance music that was being blasted out from on top by our brilliant DJ Don't Stop. iHeart invited current sponsors, vendors, and prospective clients onto the Joy Ride and talked with them about the value of the show and what it can do for their brand- in essence, serving as sales managers to the show. Through personal tours of the bus and the 5,000 square foot lounge, and the venue as a whole, iHeart created excitement and understanding in the necessary value of having presence at this show. Additionally, the production management of the show needed us to create an after party that would woo their sponsors, vendors, and partners in a way that they feel comfortable and confident in renewing their contracts for the next show.

The Result:

This 3 day convention saw an increased amount of participants in the lounge (compared to a very dumbed down lounge in years past) and vendor appreciation sky rocketed by having a more party like atmosphere present for all three days- non-stop. Through iHeart's viral push and marketing efforts, there were increased attendance and awareness for the show, as well as excitement for the next year.

iHeart Productions answered the urgent call for us to put on a complete show stopper for the after party. This 3 hour production within the greater production, was said to be "the most engaging, socially comfortable, and impacting event in 30 years" and many networks and renewed excitement in where the show is going for the next years to come. iHeart will now be a permanent fixture at the show serving in capacities of client relations, vendor and brand management services, and entertainment management.



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