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PDX Bike Show

The Need:

iHeart was asked to participate in the PDX Bike Show in a creative and production capacity. As a young show, the show producers were challenged with finding ways to engage multiple endusers and keep everyone that invested into the show all happy. There are the vendors who want an exciting and hip show while other vendors wish for a quiet environment to simply hard sell their products. Another production element is deciding what is too cool or not distracting for the vendors and the event goers. Lastly, a major hurdle was how to engage the event goers with the vendors and to keep everyone aware of all of the products and services the vendors provided as well as the cool event elements the show had to offer.

The Solution:

iHeart was given a great opportunity to get involved by adding creative touches and enhancing the overall production value of the show as well as vendor relations and event goer enhanced experiences. One of the major focuses of the event on a vendor and experience level, was our vibrantly colored Mobile Entertainment Unit we lovingly refer to as "The Joy Ride". Complete with a DJ spinning current and throwback hits, step on experience doubling as a vendor boutique and the best seats in the house for viewing the high flying bike act, as well as bikes used for promotions of companies but doubling as functional props and decorations- the Joy Ride was the hit of the show. Centrally positioned, the Joy Ride was the main attraction for the whole event. Additionally, iHeart Productions held onto the mic for the whole two days as the event MC, working the crowd, spotlighting vendors, promoting brands and products through demonstrations, and running the event hype of the action packed stunt bike team.

The Result:

More engaged and informed event goers who knew when calendar event elements were taking place because of the MC. For the vendors, and enhanced experience that made their investment into the show well worth it. Their product was highlighted by being worn on the MC, shout outs and product demonstrations by the MC, directional announcements to interested people in a vendor's product or message, and interviews with the smaller vendors. As a roving MC, iHeart Productions maintained the pace and engagement of the event for the enduser to get the best event experience. Going even further, iHeart also brand repped multiple vendors to add to their exhibitor experience through impacting and unique campaigns. Adding to the overall production value of the show as a whole was the main mission of iHeart and with ninja-like style- executed brilliantly.

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