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Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball

A local but incredibly successful band with high energy and party followers. This group carries a culture of cool and is sure to make you a believer in no time. Just People were the headliners for the Masquerade Ball- an audacious and inspiring few hours of dance, music, and joy. In it's second year, the Masquerade Ball has exploded with a following and support system that will only grow larger from year to year.

The Need:

The Masquerade Ball, while gaining momentum, needing a unique advertising campaign that was emblematic of their brand. They enlisted the marketing and street promotions team of iHeart to accomplish a task that the small operations team of Masquerade Ball couldn't do. The goal was to bring an extra 500 attendees to the event and one that they knew was a very ambitious focus. Lucky for them, they chose the right brand management and marketing team to handle this task.

The Solution:

iHeart Productions created Ninja Marketing Campaign, (commonly referred to as a street campaign) at Star Theater during the CD release of a head lining performer, with full support of the show and venue management. Some of the key efforts from the venue through iHeart's management, the venue and MC prominently displayed and promoted the Masquerade Ball, the over sized event posters, allowed us to hand out fliers accompanied by on stage announcements in masquerade masks so as to keep in theme of the event. Additionally, iHeart launched a street team to distribute over 10,000 pieces of collateral in a five day time span in targeted markets. Coupled with Radio spots, ticket contests and email blasts through 94.7 NRK, connecting the viral communities with excitement and keeping them updated on the campaign and upcoming show, every marketing corner was utilized.

The Result:

The campaign efforts of iHeart was extensive and assisted heavily in a well produced and sold out show. The goal was reached and exceeded with over 1,200 attendees.



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