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portrait of Luis

Luis Trybom

President, Founder

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Experience:Luis Trybom has over 10 years of marketing, event planning and management, branding experience. This was the foundation for creating iHeart Productions, allowing Luis to apply all his networks and positive experiences of the past, so iHeart's future could be bright. Amongst his focus with iHeart, Luis owns and operates 5 other companies based out of Portland. Luis Trybom is sound in business structure and development while carrying a very strong level of outside of the box creativity and unique to outrageous marketing ideas- that actually work. Luis has carried many Directorial, Presidential and leadership positions in his life, all equipping him with valuable professional experiences that will bolster how iHeart Productions is ran. Traveling the world to over 32 countries, Luis has seen on a global level, the impact of dynamic marketing and wants to bring that to a local level.

Luis cares deeply for his community and created iHeart IMPACT to be directed towards outreach opportunities for staff and friends of iHeart. With an extensive background in volunteering and non-profit work he donates a lot of valuable consulting hours. There are so many great organizations and work being done that Luis works hard on seeking out and finding those causes that desperately need exposure, volunteer efforts and funding participation. Luis realizes he can't change the world, but he sure can change his.

Favorite quotes:
“One can not be content to crawl when one has the impulse to soar.” — Desmond Tutu
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, caring, committed citizens could change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margarete Meade
Bet you didn't know:

Luis has traveled to 32 countries, lost his passport in 6 of them, been hijacked in a taxi in Greece, and on a camel in Cairo, got lost in a bat cave in Thailand, rode a wild elephant that got scared by a field mouse in Indonesia, and almost died in 22 of the counties. Oh, and stubbed his toe in Beaverton.

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