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Living Social

Living Social

Living Social

After LivingSocial's acquisition of UrbanEscapes in October 2010, the company launched LivingSocial Adventures with overwhelming success. Now, operating in every major city, Portland is home to a very robust and popular LivingSocial Adventures scene. Some popular and unique events includes deals like “Zen Escape Yoga Hike” "Shootin' and drinkin'" and “Distillery Crawl Tours”.

The Need:

Since a major portion of Living Social's events are held outdoor and in need of transportation, living Social Adventures turned to iHeart Productions for ideas as well as event partnerships. Living Social Adventures desired additional support elements for their events and logistical needs, and iHeart Productions was the perfect fit to team up with.

The Solution:

iHeart Productions presented the Joy Ride, our Mobile Entertainment Unit, for the "Distillery Crawl Tour" that was a 5 part series. The Joy Ride served as a registration hub for Living Social's attendees and we provided a warm and festive environment for their staff to break the ice with the attendees. Furthermore, our party rocker of a DJ did what he does best- created an atmosphere of music, dance, and enjoyment by spinning on the bus during the registrations. Additionally, iHeart Productions is in the process of creating VIP experiences and events that Living Social Adventures can participate and benefit from their participation. These strategic partnerships and involvement opportunities is a way that iHeart looks to grow a business and provide or connect them to the right event elements.

Living Social/The Joy Ride from Filthiest INC on Vimeo.

Living Social's pre-funk and set up.

Living Social1

Living Social2

Living Social3

Living Social4

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