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Focused Model and Artist Agency

The Need:

The owner of Focused called iHeart and asked if PR and business strategy were our strengths. In talking with the owner more, it became evident that a major PR campaign and business development efforts would be needed to make this business succeed. Due to some major bad press and an inherited business model from the previous owner that was anything but desirable or functional, everyday that went by was damaging the current brand more and more. Not only did the brand itself need major help but the models themselves needed brand management as well. So, iHeart did what it does best- they took over swiftly and change was seen immediately.

The Solution:

iHeart started off by acting like a really upset and protective big brother that just got word their little brother was being bullied- which in this case was strikingly similar. By going right to the sources of all the sour press entities and confronting them head on in regards to their misguided and inaccurate statements. Through a professional dialogue and mediation, but still in a very firm manner, all sources ceased their libel wording or posts immediately and realized very quickly that iHeart was no one to contend with.

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