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SOL Republic Brand Positioning and Management

The Need:

Sol Republic, an emerging juggernaut in the headphone industry needed to position themselves as more than just a headphone company, but a lifestyle company that understood the movement of music, fashion, and culture. Geographically, the challenges of this global company were very hard as their world headquarters is based in Wilsonville, Oregon- a suburb of Portland, a long ways away from LA, NYC, Vegas, Miami, and pretty much any city that is to be respected in the music and lifestyle scene.

Somehow, SOL Republic needed to bring their brilliant product to a ripe market that is on the bubble of being a very respectable opponent to the above mentioned cities. Who could SOL find to not only tap the target market but also build a brand identity that connected themselves with the boarders, fashionistas, athletes, DJs, and tastemakers in Portland? Who could take their working warehouse by day and turn it into a joy factory by night? Who could they turn to bring in that urban feel and taste? Who could they trust to be a Creative Director that could easily gel hip urban art with corporate pleasing brand alignment? Read on for the predictable answer.

The Solution:

iHeart Productions surveyed the drab but functional working warehouse. A creative team was assembled of local graffiti artists and urban designers who made it a point to take any blank space "canvas" and own it as their own. Through thorough dialogue with the corporate team at SOL, iHeart was given creative control to place their take and interpretations on what Soundtrack Of Life means to them.

As part of the creative process, all artists were given a set of SOL headphones and were to play what inspires, moves, and allows them to express themselves, all while letting the spray cans do the talking. And it did…

The Result:

The Creative Team went to work with a fierceness and within a short amount of time, changed the look, feel, and culture of the warehouse into a fusion of Burnside meets Brooklyn Heights lounge. Swiftly, the iHeart Creative Team and the artists went from canvas to creation and did it with every emblematic element that makes SOL what it is. Now, anytime SOL wants to go big with a party, it's as easy as inviting friends over into a place with a jaw dropping scene where heart stopping beats could be played- showcasing the product and culture seamlessly.

SOL Republics Timeline from Filthiest INC on Vimeo.

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